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Maria Kalyadina

social media manager AT SemrushMaria is the Social Media Marketing Manager at Semrush and the host of the weekly #Semrushchat. You can always connect with her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter! Join the #SemrushChat every Wednesday at 11 am ET/ 4 pm BST!
How To Create a LinkedIn Company Page and Promote Your Business

How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page and Promote Your Business

LinkedIn company pages were created with the intention of providing your business with a point of direct contact with your target audience, as well as the chance to make new connections, employees, and ultimately, new customers in most company’s cases. Find out how to create your own business page, promote your business, and engage with your audience.
Feb 25, 2020
Improve SEO with Schema Markup

How to Improve Your SEO by Using Schema Markup

We have tips from the Semrush community on How to Boost Your SEO by Using Schema Markup. These tips came from our #Semrushchat which takes place every Wednesday on Twitter. Our guests included Martha Van Berkel, Jason Barnard, and Hamlet Batista.
Feb 10, 2020
SEO and Topic Hubs

SEO and Topic Hubs #Semrushchat

Topic hubs and topic clusters have been around at the intersect of SEO and content marketing for a long time. However, with the increasing information overload and PR noise, topic hubs have once more become important in the scheme of things, especially for brand differentiation and establishing authority. We invited Dan Shure to shed some light on the purpose, nature, and effectiveness of topic hubs.
AI and SEO

AI and SEO: What Will the Impact Be? (with Shannon Steffen)

To understand whether or not traditional, manual, and human-centered SEO is threatened or augmented by AI, we invited Shannon K. Steffen onto last week‘s #Semrushchat to share her tactics on targeting the right audience, increasing traffic, qualifying leads, and selling more with Human SEO marketing solutions.
Aug 20, 2018
How To Use Marketing Analytics To Drive Superior Growth
Advanced Remarketing Audiences for Better PPC Campaigns

Advanced Remarketing Audiences for Better PPC Campaigns #Semrushchat Recap

Successful PPC campaigns have two aspects: thorough keyword research and well-planned remarketing ads. Lunching the perfect remarketing strategy can be tough. During our latest #Semrushchat, we invited Michelle Morgan to share her insights on improving PPC campaigns through remarketing ads. We discussed how to remarket ads by focusing on the target audience, and so much more.
Jul 03, 2018
How Chatbots Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy
Using On-Site Search as a Conversion Multiplier

Using On-Site Search as a Conversion Multiplier #Semrushchat Recap

What do your users search for in your website search bar? On-site search is a clear indicator of user intent and can be a conversion multiplier for your website if done right. In last week’s #Semrushchat, we discussed the best ways to use onsite search as a conversion multiplier with JP Sherman. JP, along with our other chat participants, had valuable insights to share.