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Semrush offers competitor research tools to help you understand how to beat the competition. Read more about how to use our competitive research tools.
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How to Do SERP Analysis and What Tools to UseWith every query comes a unique marketing challenge and opportunity. It’s your job to uncover them and take advantage. By running SERP analysis, you can determine your challenges and opportunities and devise an SEO plan to get to the top of the results and bring new traffic to your site.
Luke HarselJun 20, 2022
Expose Competitors With Semrush Domain Analytics
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Discover Your Competitors’ Top Pages
How to Reverse Engineer Competitors’ Backlinks
Automated Competitor Monitoring and Reporting with Semrush

Automated Competitor Monitoring and Reporting with Semrush

Speed up the monitoring process and make your professional life easier with the Monthly Competitor Analysis template in My Reports. It automatically gathers all the metrics needed for regular competitive research in one place, saving you time and effort each month. Read on to learn about the automated solution that will provide you with data for your marketing decisions.
Elena KozlovaDec 27, 2019