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Marilyn Mead

product marketing manager AT The ListMarilyn has been connecting the dots between ad spending and ad buying behavior for close to a decade, working with clients ranging from Fortune 500 publishers and media networks to adtech start ups and marketing agencies. She's held a number of roles at leading sales intelligence companies, and currently serves as Product Marketing Manager at List Partners Inc., overseeing Winmo, The List Online and AdDataExpress among other brands. She's a proud native of Southern California, and despite living in New York for the past 15 years, continues to hold a valid California driver's license.
Altered Digital Display Advertising

How Ad Blocking Has Altered Digital Display Advertising

As if ad fraud and viewability weren’t enough to keep the online advertising industry up at night, over the past few years, a new monster has taken their place under the proverbial bed. It’s ugly, it’s mean, and it blocks your ads.
Feb 27, 2017