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Content Marketing Platform

Combine creativity and analytics
on each step of your workflow.

  • Research.
  • Create.
  • Innovate.

Approach to
Content Marketing

How do you provide value to your audience through a unique content experience? How do you develop or improve your content strategy based on data?

Step by Step Towards a Bright Content Future

  • Find a topic

    Find a Topic

    Get a source of instant ideas for engaging content that drives traffic and stands out from the competition.

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  • Find a topic

    Create a Plan

    Manage your content marketing campaigns, collaborate with your team, create tasks and track their real-time progress.

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  • Write an article

    Prepare a Brief

    Create content that drives marketing results. Get a tailored template for optimized and search-friendly content.

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  • Optimize it

    Write & Optimize

    Check the SEO potential and originality of your text in real time.

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  • Measure results

    Measure Results

    Evaluate the impact of your or competitive external articles in terms of social engagement, search rankings and traffic.

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  • Improve content

    Improve content

    Analyze and sort your content assets to discover what resonates well and what requires further improvement.

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Take Your
Content Marketing
to the Next Level

  • Photo of Hana Bednarova

    Hana Bednarova

    Founder of Bednar Comms, Digital PR Specialist

    I absolutely love Semrush Topic Research. It helps me understand what is out there, what are popular searches and what are the most popular articles related to my topic.
  • Photo of Jason A. Howie

    Jason A. Howie

    Director of Demand Generation & Marketing Operations at Ambra Health

    With the Semrush Calendar, we’re able to adjust our due dates with a click and drag, as well as quickly reassign and update project statuses with as few clicks as possible.
  • Photo of Andrew Bruce Smith

    Andrew Bruce Smith

    PR, Social Media, SEO & Analytics Consultant

    Armed with a rational brief, using the SEO Writing Assistant should keep you focussed on making sure your content is taking into account the on-page factors that are more likely to play a role in whether or not the page will be considered for high ranking.
  • Photo of Andy Crestodina

    Andy Crestodina

    Speaker, Content Marketer, Co-founder of Orbit Media

    SEO Writing Assistant is an amazing tool for content marketers, helping them do semantic SEO in a way that’s just smarter and easier and more prescriptive than any other tool that I know.
  • Photo of Adam Connell

    Adam Connell

    Content Marketer and Founder of & Funnel Overload

    Social listening is important. It can help you put out potential ‘PR fires’ and identify opportunities to grow your brand. The Semrush Brand Monitoring tool makes this easy.