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Sam Underwood

Sam Underwood, a digital marketing expert with proficiencies in SEO, data analysis, site speed, CRO/UX and content strategy. Sam has experience working on enterprise search strategies for some of the UK's largest brands such as AO, Reiss & Compare The Market.
SEO Pagination Strategies for Ecommerce

SEO-Friendly Pagination Strategies for Ecommerce

Pagination is a crucial concept to understand when it comes to improving your site‘s structure and internal linking. Learn how pagination works on ecommerce sites, why you should focus on it, and how to improve your site structure and crawlability by implementing SEO-friendly pagination.
May 01, 2020
New Featured Snippet

Tackling the New Featured Snippet Change Head On

Yesterday Google announced they are removing double organic listings in search results for sites that rank on the first page and also capture the Featured Snippet.This blog post outlines exactly how to measure the impact of the change alongside exactly what you need to do to fix it if this is looking like a negative change for your site.
Jan 23, 2020
12 Tips for Improving User Centric Speed Metrics