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Fernando Angulo

senior market research manager AT SEMrushFernando Angulo has been with Semrush since the beginning of company’s marketing efforts and has built its all-star marketing team. Being one of the most recognised faces of the brand, Fernando is speaking at 50+ top conferences worldwide each year. Fernando specializes in B2B search marketing, e-commerce, influence marketing and trained marketing teams of companies such as Expedia, T-mobile, Prestashop and Bing.
Ecommerce Strategy 2022
Ecommerce Trends 2022

What Ecommerce Trends Will Define 2022?

With an eye toward ecommerce, we‘ve crunched the data and come up with 5 market defining trends for 2022. From supply chains to blockchains, staying ahead of these trends will ensure your online business thrives this coming year.
Dec 22, 2021
World data trends 2020 by Semrush

Semrush World Data Trends: 2020 Year in Review

By analyzing Google searches and websites‘ statistics, Semrush has taken a look at the 2020 year in review, showing what the world cared about most. Discover world data trends of 2020 in this study: headlines, fashion trends, celebrities, politicians, sports events, entertainment options and more.
Dec 09, 2020
Black Friday Stats