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Chaitanya Patel

paid campaigns manager AT E2M SolutionsChaitanya Patel a PPC Account Manager at E2M, a full service digital agency. He is passionate about PPC, which translates to SEM success for E2M and its clientele. He loves exploring all things related to paid search, digital marketing and is a certified professional with a decade-old experience in Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Google Analytics. Feel free to tweet him @patelchaitanya if you want to chat with him about anything related to paid search.
How To Optimize a Remarketing Campaign That Delivers

How To Optimize a Remarketing Campaign That Delivers

Whether we like it or not, remarketing is all around us. Although the concept of remarketing can take many different forms, the message is typically a reminder to complete an action or to present new, personalized content to help prompt a buying decision. Find out all you need to know and do to optimize an effective remarketing campaign that generates ROI.
Oct 30, 2017