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Viktoria Kanevsky

digital marketing expert AT VKEcom.comViktoria Kanevsky is the only person in the Los Angeles fashion industry who has a unique experience running digital & e-commerce departments in online fashion marketplaces, multimillion online wholesalers, retailers, and smaller boutiques. • She helps her clients to build, run, and profit from their website presence on a tight budget. Currently, the founder of, the informational site every aspect of how to build, run and promote an online business in Fashion & Lifestyle other industries with limited knowledge, budgets & resources. • Viktoria is a former Head of Digital for LAShowroom, Fashion Domino, Ed Hardy, Super Dry, Hale Bob, Broderbund, with a client base including Disney, Playboy, Roca Wear, and many more. • Viktoria holds two Master Degrees and writes for the top E-Commerce publications. She spoke at Internet Retailer, eTail West, Apparel Textile Sourcing, and guest spoke to FIDM.
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