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Brand Monitoring Overview Report

The Overview tab of your Brand Monitoring campaign will show you your campaign’s overall progress in a series of charts and graphs. From here you can get a quick overall sense of your campaign and also jump into the deeper reports within the tool with the corresponding tabs.

The numbers you see at the top (Total Mentions, Positive Mentions, Mentions with Backlink, etc) are all based on the date range set at the top of this page. All of your settings are available to edit from this tab, and you can add a campaign (up to 3 campaigns per Project).

Brand Monitoring Overview Report image 1In the Sentiment chart you’ll be able to quickly see how positively the brand name you’re tracking is being discussed online - if it’s mostly green, your brand is beloved, but if there’s a lot of red - you may need to manage your online reputation better.

The Estimated Reach chart will tell you if you are mainly getting mentions that are reaching a ton of people or if most of your mentions are in the lower reach category.

Below these charts are four more modules that give you an idea of your success:

Brand Monitoring Overview Report image 2

  • Top Domains: These are the top domains ranked by the number of times they mentioned your branded word in the set time period. Click on the number to view a filtered Mentions report with all mentions from the specific domain. Click “view full report” to view the complete list in the Statistics tab.
  • Top Backlinks: These are the top websites that are linking to your domain with mentions of your branded word. Click on the number to view a filtered Mentions report with all of the mentions from the specific domain that contain a backlink to your domain. Click “view full report” to view the backlinks report under the Statistics tab and see the rest of the backlinks Semrush found associated with your mentions.  
  • Domain Traffic: This illustrates the proportion of high-traffic, medium-traffic, and low-traffic domains that mention your branded word. Click on one of the numbers to open the mentions feed with an automatic filter for that traffic bracket.
  • Authority Score: the number of mentions in varying brackets of Authority scores. The higher the score, the more valuable the mention is. Click on one of the numbers to open the mentions feed with an automatic filter for that Authority score range.

You can also search for mentions by Web, Forums, and Instagram. To do this simply hit the dropdown menu next to the date and select which source you want to search from.
By selecting forums you will also change the data that is displayed on the overview page. It will now only show total mentions, positive mentions, mentions with backlinks, sentiment, top domains, and top backlinks.

Brand Monitoring Overview Report image 3

By selecting Instagram, you can view the number of Total Mentions on Instagram for a selected period of time and Top Users that mention your brand. By clicking on “View full report”, you’ll be taken to the Statistics tab with the Instagram filter applied.

In the top right corner of the dashboard, you will be able to export your Overview report into a PDF. When you click on the PDF button you will open the export wizard where you’ll have three options: email this report, schedule this report and brand this report.

You can also create a custom report with the Brand Monitoring Overview widgets. Click on the create custom PDF report button and you’ll be sent to the My Reports tool where you can customize which widgets you want in your report.

Brand Monitoring Overview Report image 4

After inspecting the Overview, you can use the other tabs of the tool for more analysis:

  • Mentions - the complete feed of your mentions with various filtering and sorting options. Change your view to look at all web mentions or just mentions on Twitter or Instagram.
  • Statistics - Analyze the top domains and Instagram or Twitter accounts mentioning your branded keyword as well as the domains that are giving your website backlinks in addition to mentions.
  • Resources - Track domains that are mentioning you or domains that you want to acquire mentions from.